Griffin + Robillard + copywriter + robocop + internet = 
I was almost named Oliver, which would've made me a shoo-in for glasses modeling or selling used tweed jackets. I just googled "shoe-in vs. shoo-in."
My surname is French-Canadian and is pronounced ROE-BILL-ARD, sadly without any trace of French accent. I'm a North American after all.
Freelance Copywriter 2022-
Lonely Whale, Tommy Hilfiger, Stasher, Sony, Waze, Triton Capital, BCG, tento, Matterport, Yahoo
Copywriter, McCann NY 2019-2022
Nespresso, Chick-fil-A, Cigna, State Street Global Advisors, Lysol
Freelance Copywriter 2018-2019
Agencies: MRY, Fifteen Degrees
Audible, Pop Tarts, Cheeses of Europe (EU), and pitches on pitches

My work has appeared in:
The New York Times, Washington Post, The Times, Boston Globe, Associated Press, CNBC, npr, NY Post, Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, Economic Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, American Songwriter, abc news, Houston Chronicle
Me drinking wine with gam gam.
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